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Testimonials From Our Awesome Customers

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“We have a 6 year old goldendoodle, Maisy, and a 2 year old bernedoodle, Birdie- both very different pups but both very much so in need of some wrangling on the obedience front. Over the years Maxine has helped coach our dogs, but more importantly US to better our understanding on why our actions are so important to help our dogs understand exactly what’s being asked of them. Her expertise is top notch and we highly recommend you reach out to her to see how she can help. Regardless of your dogs temperament, she’s an excellent resource.”

Jen and Mike

"Having a dog with behavioral issues including major dog reactivity, anxiety, people aggression, etc. is really challenging to manage and finding a trainer or program to navigate that is a challenge in itself. We had taken our dog to multiple positive-only trainers and programs, all of which she failed out of or was deemed too challenging to work with. Then we found a program that specialized in behavioral rehab for dogs and that’s where we met Maxine. Through this program we had the opportunity to work with Maxine one-on-one in multiple training sessions. She introduced us to concepts of dog behavior, helping us understand the motives behind our dog’s reactivity, which in turn helped us to address it at the source. It definitely takes dedication from the owner, but through programs like these that are geared towards dogs with behavioral issues, you will get all of the tools needed to succeed. Our dog learned how to be calm and we learned the importance of nurturing that calm state of mind. She is now relaxed in our home and can be left alone without exhibiting separation anxiety or being destructive. We were also introduced to different tools that help us manage and work through our dog’s reactivity towards other dogs and can now confidently walk her in our neighborhood and local parks without big outbursts, which was something we never imagined would be possible. Watching Maxine communicate with a dog is mesmerizing and we really appreciate her ability to translate those signs to us so that we too can communicate with our dog in a more effective way. It’s so exciting to see Maxine starting her own venture with Punk Pups Rehab as she has a ton of experience in the field and is undoubtably going to help so many people who are struggling with their dogs. I highly recommend her!”


“Maxine knows her shit! If you’re looking for a trainer who will address the root of the problem versus just the symptoms, this is the place. She has so much experience (especially with reactive dogs) and customizes the training techniques/tools based on what works best for that particular dog and owner. Punk Pup’s individualized approach is SO much more effective than group training classes.


What I value most about Maxine is that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. After working with a positive-only trainer who not only didn’t help with my GSD’s reactivity but actually made our situation worse, what I really needed was some tough love. I had to stop coddling and work on my own confidence in order to provide the strong foundation and ongoing structure my dog needed to feel at ease. Now I couldn’t be more proud of the progress both Cozmo and I have made. We’re able to go on long hikes together, walk right past dogs, cats, and other small critters with no problem, and relax around strangers. We owe so much of our happiness to Maxine! I highly recommend Punk Pups Rehab, whether you’re struggling with severe reactivity/aggression, general behavior issues, or just want to learn some tips about how to be a great advocate for your furry friends.”

Rose and Jaemi

“Maxine taught us how to train our dogs like no other trainer was able to. She broke through a lot of silly hangups my wife and I had about our dogs, how to train them, and how to train ourselves to be better dog owners. The results of her lessons to us are clear as day - our dogs are happy, healthy, calm, and obedient - and we as dog owners are also calmer than ever. Maxine taught us to stop changing OUR needs to accommodate our dogs' lack of training. She taught us how to truly LEAD our dogs. Maxine understands dogs - and dog owners - better than anyone I've ever met. Maxine's a miracle worker when it comes to training dogs and their owners.”

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