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Welcome to Punk Pups Rehab, where rebellion meets responsible training! Nestled in LA County, we're not your run-of-the-mill trainers – we're rebels with a cause. At Punk Pups, we confront aggression and anxiety head-on, no sugar-coating, just pure, effective results. Whether your dog just needs to learn basic manners and listening skills or is grappling with some hard issues, we're up for the challenge. We're all about helping dogs and their owners not just survive but thrive together, forging a bond that withstands any challenge.

Our specialized behavior modification techniques are as diverse as the dogs we work with, covering the spectrum from puppy basics to tackling complex aggression issues. We understand that every dog is unique, and our personalized training programs reflect this, tailoring our approach to suit your furry friend's individual needs.

At Punk Pups Rehab, we promise professional guidance with a rebel spirit. Our balanced training approach is designed to bring out the best in every pup while strengthening the connection between you and your four-legged companion. Join us in this rebellious journey, where every tail wags to its own beat. Let's not just train; let's transform and turn some heads together. Contact us today and unleash the rebel in your pup!


Welcome to Punk Pups Rehab! We're not your typical trainers here in LA County – we're rebels on a mission. At Punk Pups, we tackle aggression and anxiety head-on for effective results. Whether your dog needs basic training or faces tougher issues, we're here to help dogs and owners thrive together, building a strong bond.


Our methods cater to various dogs, from puppies to those with complex aggression and/or anxiety problems. Each program is personalized to suit your dog's unique needs.


Punk Pups Rehab offers professional guidance with a rebellious edge. Our balanced training brings out the best in every pup and strengthens your connection. Join us in this rebellious journey where every tail wags differently. Let's not just train; let's transform together. Reach out today and let your pup's rebel side shine!

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Ever feel like you're battling the chaos alone, trapped with a pup that's more rebel than companion? Punk Pups Rehab is your ally in the struggle against unaddressed aggression, anxiety, and behavioral mayhem. In a world buzzing with dog training choices, picking Punk Pups isn't just a practical decision; it's a compassionate move to rescue you from the isolation and embarrassment that comes with a pup who's a bit too much to handle.

Every day spent grappling with basic manners or those gnarly issues can feel like an eternity when you're in it alone. We get it – the embarrassment, the feeling of being judged, and the longing for a life where your pup can be a true companion, not a source of stress. Punk Pups Rehab is here to tell you that you're not alone, and there's hope for a better, more connected future.

Our programs are crafted with empathy, designed to bring you out of the shadows and into a life where every tail is wagging to its own beat, challenges are faced together, and your bond with your pup deepens. Punk Pups Rehab isn't just a training program; it's a support system, a lifeline for those who've felt the weight of embarrassment and isolation.

You're not alone, and you don't have to carry the burden by yourself. Contact us now, and let's rescue your connection with your pup. You've arrived, and you're no longer alone on this journey with Punk Pups Rehab: Navigating Anarchy, Instilling Harmony. We're your compassionate guide, transforming rebels into companions, one step at a time!


Feel like you're handling chaos alone with a rebellious pup? Punk Pups Rehab is here to support you against aggression, anxiety, and behavior issues. Choosing us isn't just practical; it's a caring choice to rescue you from the shame, isolation, and embarrassment linked to a challenging pet.

Every day dealing with basic manners or tough problems can feel endless solo. We get it—the embarrassment, judgment, and longing for a better relationship with your pet. Punk Pups Rehab reassures you that you're not alone and a better future is possible. [I much prefer the original paragraph. This one sounds disjointed and rough - Moxie]

Our programs are built on empathy to bring you into a life where every tail wags happily, challenges are faced together, and your bond deepens. We're more than training; we're a lifeline for those feeling burdened. [We don't want to emphasize wagging happy. Let's just negate tail wagging as a whole. In my program, wagging tail = too much excitement which feeds into bad behaviors.]

You're not alone. Reach out, and let's rebuild your connection with your pup. With Punk Pups Rehab: Navigating Anarchy, Instilling Harmony, we're your caring guide, transforming rebels into companions, step by step!

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Balanced training at Punk Pups Rehab is like conversing in the language of dogs – a delicate balance of rewards and consequences to guide their behavior. Think of it as a dialogue with your pup, where good choices lead to positive outcomes, and not-so-great ones come with understandable consequences. It's not about inflicting pain but about communicating in a way that resonates with your furry friend.

What sets balanced training apart is its adaptability. We understand that each dog is unique, and their training should be tailored to their individual needs. Unlike rigid approaches, we're open-minded, exploring various tools and techniques to find the right mix that suits both you and your pup. In a world filled with positive-only training chatter, it's essential to cut through the noise and consider the real-world effectiveness of different methods. Our focus is on results and transparent communication. If you have questions or want to delve deeper into our methods, we're here for candid conversations, sharing outcomes, and supporting you on your training journey with your pup.


Training at Punk Pups Rehab is like speaking the dog's language - using rewards and consequences to guide behavior. It's a conversation with your pup where good choices bring good results, and mistakes have fair, predictable consequences for your pup. We customize training for each dog's needs, exploring various tools to find what works best. We focus on real results, clear communication, and supporting you in your pup's training journey.

At Punk Pups Rehab, we bring out the best in every dog, offering a unique and transformative training approach that goes beyond the traditional. Whether you have a pup eager to learn or one presenting challenging behaviors, our balanced techniques provide a tailored path to a harmonious companionship. Join us on a journey where every dog, regardless of their personality, can thrive, and every owner can enjoy the fulfilling bond they deserve.

Embarking on the Punk Pups Rehab journey is a collaborative and personalized experience designed to unleash the best in your furry companion. Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment, delving into your dog's unique personality, behavioral challenges, and your specific goals. This step sets the stage for a tailored training program that aligns with your dog's individual needs.

Our philosophy centers around balanced training, a harmonious blend of positive reinforcement and consequences, guided by a compassionate understanding of canine communication. This approach ensures that your pup not only learns but thrives, turning behavioral challenges into opportunities for growth.

Throughout the journey, you're not alone. Here at Punk Pups, we value open communication. We'll equip you with the knowledge and tools to reinforce positive behaviors and address challenges effectively. It's a transformative experience where your pup evolves from a rebel to a well-behaved companion, and your bond deepens.

Join us on this rebellious yet compassionate adventure, where every training session becomes a step towards harmony, and every tail wags to its own beat. Contact us today to start the journey towards a more fulfilling companionship with your pup.

REVISED[The revised is almost as long as the original so let's keep the original]

At Punk Pups Rehab, we embark on a personalized journey with you and your furry friend. We start by understanding your dog's personality, behavior challenges, and your goals, shaping a tailored training plan for your dog's needs.

Our approach focuses on balanced training, combining positive reinforcement and predictable consequences, fostering your pup's growth and learning.

Throughout this journey, we prioritize open communication. We provide you with the knowledge and tools to reinforce positive behaviors and manage challenges effectively. Together, we transform your pup from a rebel to a well-behaved companion while deepening your bond.

Join us on this compassionate adventure, where each session brings you closer to harmony. Contact us today for a more fulfilling companionship with your pup.

"Maxine's training approach transformed our relationship with our dogs like no other. She dispelled our misconceptions and taught us to be better dog owners. The results speak volumes – our dogs are now happy, healthy, calm, and obedient. Maxine guided us to lead instead of constantly adjusting to our dogs' needs. Her understanding of dogs and owners is unparalleled. Maxine is a miracle worker in dog training, and we couldn't be more grateful." - Jaemi and Rose

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