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Dog Snout


Jen and Mike

"Having a dog with behavioral issues including major dog reactivity, anxiety, people aggression, etc. is really challenging to manage and finding a trainer or program to navigate that is a challenge in itself. We had taken our dog to multiple positive-only trainers and programs, all of which she failed out of or was deemed too challenging to work with. Then we found a program that specialized in behavioral rehab for dogs and that’s where we met Maxine. Through this program we had the opportunity to work with Maxine one-on-one in multiple training sessions. She introduced us to concepts of dog behavior, helping us understand the motives behind our dog’s reactivity, which in turn helped us to address it at the source. It definitely takes dedication from the owner, but through programs like these that are geared towards dogs with behavioral issues, you will get all of the tools needed to succeed. Our dog learned how to be calm and we learned the importance of nurturing that calm state of mind. She is now relaxed in our home and can be left alone without exhibiting separation anxiety or being destructive. We were also introduced to different tools that help us manage and work through our dog’s reactivity towards other dogs and can now confidently walk her in our neighborhood and local parks without big outbursts, which was something we never imagined would be possible. Watching Maxine communicate with a dog is mesmerizing and we really appreciate her ability to translate those signs to us so that we too can communicate with our dog in a more effective way. It’s so exciting to see Maxine starting her own venture with Punk Pups Rehab as she has a ton of experience in the field and is undoubtably going to help so many people who are struggling with their dogs. I highly recommend her!”
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